Date russian woman Vladivostok

I am well-educated charming young lady. I am rather serious and honest and you can share everything with me being absolutely sure nobody will know your thoughts, because I can keep secrets.

Intelligence, politeness and kindness are the main features of my character. Being very active and communicative I have no problems in making friends and I am proud to say there are many of them in my life. Self perfection is rather important for me. I like to improve myself with the help of reading, watching TV and communicating with various people. I adore dancing and listening to music.

I am of the opinion that good mood should always be a part of our life and I try to have it by means of a pleasant smile to myself in the mirror every morning, when the day is just beginning. I wish only one thing from the man, which is not very difficult. It is the ability to make me happy and to fulfill my life with love and passion. I want to close my eyes and to see nobody but you in my sweet dreams. Can you be that man?